If teaching reading is rocket science,
then consider us rocket scientists. 

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Time is of the essence.

Poor readers can often be identified by age 4 or 5, but these same students usually don't receive individualized, multisensory research based tutoring until age 8 or 9. At this point, it takes 4 times longer to make the same gains compared to attacking the problem earlier. To put it another way, what could have been resolved in 30 minutes daily in Kindergarten takes 2 hours daily for 4th gradersand older students have an even bigger skill gap to closeand this is without factoring in the adverse effects on self-esteem, confidence and social and emotional health due to problems with reading (Hall, S. L. & Moats, L.C. (1999) Straight Talk About Reading. Lincolnwood, IL: Contemporary Books).
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We specialize in AD/HD and learning disabilities such as dyslexia.

Tutoring takes place at your child's home or school and addresses difficulties in reading and related areas such as phonics, phonemic awareness, basic math, decoding, sight words, fluency, comprehension, spelling, writing, handwriting, and touch typing.

Are your children living their potential?

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Experience the joy of reading with The Ford Center for Reading.
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